Hakiki Donarta

We provide food & beverages with the best quality and guarantee.

Product : All About Food Ingredients


PT. Landkrone Indo Nutri is engaged in oil and fat.

Product: Butter Substitute, Oil and Fat

Java Biocolloid

Offering you limitless possibilities with fully customizable hydrocolloids.

Product: Agar-agar Texturizer Hydrocolloid


Global supplier of flavorings, and substances as well as functional ingredients.

Product: Flavour


Pakmaya can be used in the production of various fermented products.

Product: Instant Dry Yeast and Baking Powder


M├╝hlenchemie develops solutions to standardize and optimize flour.

Product: : Enzyme and Improver

King Flower

Dedicated to develop green and ecological agriculture.

Product: Non Dairy Creamer, Instant Coffee


We are the world leader in the production of plant based extracts since 1854.

Product: Pectin

Golden Crops

Formulation and supply of wheat cereals and nutritional products.

Product: Cereal and Oat


Gelatin can help create enjoyable moments of indulgence.

Product: Gelatin, Collagen