Today's Hakiki Donarta

We are a company specialized in food and beverage ingredients. The company is family owned and it is entering the era of the 3rd generation. And today’s Hakiki is so much more. As values and behaviors around food have changed, so have we. Today, we’re the leading food ingredients provider of global and international brands. We help people to enjoy the goodness of food.

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Our Milestone
From the stall in the area of Chinatown in Surabaya, Hakiki continue to expand into a holding company supporting the domestic as well as International market.
Facility & Technology
Our main focus as a corporation is not solely on profit alone but also on how to grow with this ever-expanding business and technology.
Standard & Certification
All those certification are only possible because Hakiki Donarta is made by dedicated team who work in sync to strengthen our main goal

Our Brand & Principals

Hakiki Donarta prouds to offer brands and products to satisfy a variety of fields priorities and needs