Pushing Limits

Facility & Technology


We always try to update the latest technology. Technology is operated by growing human resources. The latest technology supports innovation.

Facility & Technology


We always try to keep updated on the latest technology. Our main focus as a corporation is not solely on profit alone but also on how to grow with this ever-expanding business and technology.

Discover Our Facilities

Pilot Plant Technologist European.
Pilot Plant is Research and Development Facility, a small scale processing system that’s operated to generate information about habitual system for mapping out the big scale facilities. Pilot Plant is used to decrease risk in construction of big scale processing.
European Spray Dry Technologies
Spray dryer is equipment unit to produce flour or powder from sprayed liquid (until form fine particles) into a room that has been flooded by hot air.
Rnd And Laboratory
Rnd and Lab is a research approach to generate a new product or refine the existing products.
Baking and Innovation Center
Baking Center aims to develop product by using excellent material of Hakiki.
Enterprise Resource Planning
Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a enterprise resource planning software which is made by Microsoft. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is ERP based application that’s combined with business intelligence, collaboration, and communication tools.
Warehouse and Logistic
The warehouse functions to store goods for production or production results in a certain amount and time span which is then distributed to the intended location on request.